Reply To: Immortal Highlanders and our game!


Sorry, I don’t see it. Note that some of the damage numbers in the combat log refer to damage applied to armor (i.e. damaging the item) and not damage applied to hitpoints. This is the way I read it from the screenshots;

* Body Armor receives 137 damage
* Hitpoints receive 31 damage
* Body Armor receives unknown amount of damage and is destroyed
* Hitpoints receive 49 damage (for a total of 80)
* Head Armor receives 90 damage and is destroyed
* Hitpoints receive 60 damage (for a total of 140) – at this point the guy would be dead if we’re only accounting for hitpoints, since Bandit Leaders have a maximum of 90. However, since they also have the Nine Lives perk it doesn’t matter if he’s dealt 60 or 6000 damage. He’ll always survive the first ‘killing blow’ and have between 5 and 10 hitpoints left. Judging from your screenshot that seems to be the case. The perk works the exact same way for your Battle Brothers.

Let me know if I’m missing something.

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