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Avatar photoSarissofoi

Thanks for your answers. You are definitely my favourite.
Your skills are amazing.
By the way what do you think about giving undead forces slings and javelins instead of bows?
First it would feel more ancient.
Secondly slings are more resistant to time that bows and arrows.

I really want to see new modernized undead factions. Dukes as buffing supporting unit and death knights as high level sentient zombies?

Definitely wanna see lich in action. Mass reanimation would be scary thing.

Last question: as this subfaction gonna fight between themselves?
I find it strange if they not.
Bandits fighting for turf or orc clans killing each other because they can, goblins fighting for profit – it seems natural order of things and would be great for balance and then it come Great Evil that united one faction and pose real threat for human kingdom.
PS. Writing on phone indeed is pain.