Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.

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in anticipation of the new update, which as mentioned, should bring the system to the reputation of the group, I wish to draw attention to the not quite logical, in my opinion, the rewards for the quest to destroy the lair. I got a job for 2000+ to destroy the lair of the bandits. 26 the bandits, the leader, raiders – no problem, 1-2 mercenary only minor injuries. The next job for the same 2000+ on a camp of orcs – 24 Orc, Orc leader, 8 Orc warriors, 6 Berserkers and young orcs. minus 2 mercenary, in the absence of manifest error to tactics on my part and even some luck with 2 hits of 2 hand axe. In General, the next time I’m gonna to refuse such job . With the reputation system – it will be load the game – which is very bad. I think that if such awards illogical and conceived by the developers, it makes sense in the description of the quest to add at least hints at who we have to fight. If I were the commander of a group of mercenaries, before giving the floor to perform the contract I would try to learn everything about the problem and if It was something like this: “go there do not know where and kill you don’t know what 2000+ and if you can’t, we’ll fine you” – I would send these employers to hell.