Reply To: A Question For Current Players


Sekata, I feel we are kindred spirits, bc I often make the same mistakes, then I “justify” the save scrumming.

Lol. I won’t make any bones about it. I don’t even think it’s something that requires justification. There’s no council that tells you what you can and can’t do with a game that you’ve purchased. It’s your game to do with as you please if there’s no online component that negatively affects someone else’s experience. If you want to play iron man mode, it should be because you personally want to overcome a challenge, and should have nothing to do with the opinions of people online. When people call you out for save scumming, its usually in the form of self-aggrandizement or bragging like “I pulled X off, I’m great and you aren’t”. These critiques are meant only to make the poster feel good about him/herself at your expense. That shouldn’t be the reason for playing a game through on iron man mode.

In the current implementation of BB, the only thing keeping you straight on an iron man play through is your own honor not to load up a save. If you make it a personal goal to “succeed” in such a play through, you are accountable only to yourself, and should be punished with that nagging lack of overall satisfaction for loading up a save. It all comes back to what you want to accomplish.

At the moment I want to test out silly builds, and see what is most effective against different enemy unit types. That doesn’t mean that I load up whenever I lose a unit, I’ve lost quite a few guys i’m sad about. What it does mean is that I don’t care how bad a community wants me to feel about playing my game. I am the scummiest, and offer apologies to no one.