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Thanks for the compliment :)
Regarding the Heraldic mail heres some clarification: It is not buyable at the moment, but only drops from knights.
Of course the militia and landsknechts are not attackable yet, but that will change with the worldmap update.

Thanks for reply and information. Hope that I would not be pressured to fight and kill these brave men only to put my greedy hands on this awesome mails. I really hope I can resist temptation.
BTW I had event that make tailor a Werewolf Hide armour. The same I get from a Bandit leaders. Currently have 3 of them.
I was thinking that the event make a Werewolf Mail armour. Is this Werewolf Mail armour in game and can be obtained by any means? Or it was just a rt presentation? Also I missing plenty of cool looking helmets that was available in old versions. hope they come back.

1. named weapons : spear, 2 hand swords, halberds.
We will have to see what exactly happens to the “named weapons”. If we stick to the concept there will be weapons for all categories. But its also possible that we change the whole named weapons system around. Cant tell you yet.
2. named armor except wolf.
I guess before we also implement named armors, we would rather go for legendary armors directly.
3. are there plans to increase the durability of all the named things ?
Not at the moment, I can drop that to the other guys.
4. will we see long bow and two-handed Mace?
Cant tell you when, but these are two are pretty high up on my personal whishlist.
5. and most importantly : horned helmets on the Northern faction and brothels in the capital:)
Dont know about brothels yet, but taverns will be in (more info on that in our next worldmap-blogpost).
Horned helmets:
Maybe something extraordinary happens to make me paint horned helmets (like a meteor hitting me on the head :)). Another possibility would be having me abducted by aliens and replaced by an android. Apart from that the chances are pretty slim that there will ever be brothers with horned helmets :)

1. Named weapons are great addition. It really prolong fun in current state and its really nice touch. Hope I will see more of it. Although if they were be obtained in more than one way(looting) but also by crafting, buying and treasure hunting and events it would be more interesting and fun to play.
2. Sounds good.
3. That is not necessary but it would be helpful. Current situation greatly benefit a soldiers with Bag&belts and Quick hands perks(it feels like they are necessary in current meta to be effective), when Weaponmaster feel underwhelming(the durability reduction feels more like 1st tier perk).
4.Hope we get more weapons types.
Current weapon choice feels little unbalanced. Although I think it can be fixed by more skills for weapon. What do you think about making separate weapon skills for 1 hand weapon when they are used as two handers(instead of flat damage ratio) or maybe additional skills if there is combo weapons(like sword plus round shield grant Skill Bash and Slash(details unknown)>. It would be make game more interesting.
5. I just hope that we can get some of legendary or unique undead stuff. They look pretty.