Reply To: Super Awesome Ninja Goblin Fun Time!


Response to Squibie
Interesting strats. I always fight goblins at night rather then day because, when dealing with goblins, I advance a double layer shield wall (shield wall in front and rear like a turtle formation) for as many Wall bonuses as I can stack. And under the cover of night I’ll withstand the onslaught of bolas, arrows, and that dreaded overseer crossbow. I’ll even give my bill-hooks a shield to hold onto to join the wall before dropping it to pull out the two handed bill-hook when action starts. it’s very effective if the goblins don’t want to charge and end up backing up slowly to buy time for their archers, bolas, and nets. it’s also quite epic if I’m hailed with projectiles like rain. problem is that my two archers will have a much harder time landing shots, unless they’re firing into a group of goblins to hit something randomly. and if the goblins are cocky and charge early on for reasons, I’ll be forced to spread my troops out to avoid being surrounded. it’s also problematic if too many nets are thrown, as I’ll be forced to focus fatigue on untangle them as quickly as I can.