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What sort of sources of inspiration will you be using for your building art?

Regarding reference for weapons, equipments and characters my first stop are always the illustrations by Angus Mcbride done for the Osprey books. Hands down the most authentic and best researched pictures.

Regarding buildings it gets a little more complicated. I find it extremely difficult to get authentic references for huts and wooden buildings in general. Castles and other things still standing today are a lot easier of course.
So I look at a lot of pictures and then just make up my own stuff.

In the village screens all buildings share a western european vibe.
Theres a bit of a visual progression going on depending on the size of the settlement. While small settlements feature low wooden huts (which look pretty nordic) the bigger settlements will feature bricks and half timbering giving a more high medieval look.

If we get to different cultures in future add ons the village screens will feature the according architecture of ourse. So until now all settlements look very generic western medieval, so that I can still go full nordic or eastern with future building style.

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