Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner


you could depict some events happening in the city with each visit

Sounds fun :) Its just that my time is so limited, that I most likely will not get the chance fr a lot of eye candy. But never say never :)

Another possibility as you mentioned “Events” would be to at least have a little artwork for each Event happening, so its not only text anymore.
But as we are already at around 60 events in the game and 40 more in the works, its a huuge pile of work for just one guy (me) :)

Cities = civilization = constant human goings on

I think this is one of the best ideas I have heard, and most original, and would be really easy to trigger with your current event probability mechanics.

Set probability high, and have positive, negative, and neutral events when entering (and maybe leaving) a city (or approaching if that easier in code terms).