Reply To: Ditch the Player Character (PC) already!

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I can see some real problems w/ an actual PC as opposed to the quasi-rpg of the Founders of the Band.

First off, the POV would take the tactics completely out of the game. Once you finished setting up the starting line, you have no real input.

Second, the AI now has to handle the individual action decisions of all the Brothers you can’t actual shout to.

Third, you’d need a new courier class to send your orders to the brothers when past the 3rd of 4th hex from you.

Now there’s the delay of actually giving the order to the brothers actually receiving it, plus a way of figuring the likelihood of that brother actually following the order.

Medieval battles tended to get pretty chaotic. Many that would have been victories ended up defeats (and visa versa) because a sub-commander decided to ignore the orders received.

This would add some level of realism, but it would complicate the game design past the breaking point. No, leave it as is. I have a hard enough time keeping my brothers alive from one job to the next!

In a single player game, there's no such thing as cheating. It's merely "creative manipulation of the default settings"!