Reply To: Ideas for a Multiplayer Mode

Avatar photoDrygord

Those are pretty good ideas for PvP but you know what I think would really be epic is a Multiplay mode where you all use the same worldmap, walk by the other players just as if they were another raiding party and have the option to engage them in PvP battles. Players would be fighting for resources and raids and contracts, competing for gear and legendaries, joining opposing factions or all ending up on the same side. If you are being chased by another player trying to kill you, you can lure a huge pack of werewolves from the woods onto them.
Imagine getting your beginning merc team still wearing leather and knives and bludgeons wiped out by some bully in chain mail and tier 2 and 3 items. You recover, play strategically and eventually become more powerful than him and strike your sweet revenge.
It could be hosted on a server 24/7. 4-10 player multiplay would be nice but what would really be epic is a 50+ player map. Eventually throw in some sandbox elements like building your own castle or fort etc or giving out contracts of your own to other mercenaries to kill your opponents. Now THAT would be something.

EDIT: the option could be there, just as if you encounter a caravan next to werewolves and can enter battle with both of them, to have more than 1 player in the same “battle” either fighting together against the AI or in a free for all truly roleplaying skirmish. Imagine betraying or being betrayed by your allies mid battle and having a real story to play upon. You can have large masses of squads all in a big war and some people might jump in just for the excitement, or maybe to change the tide of battle or slaughter everyone to steal their loot.