Reply To: Super Awesome Ninja Goblin Fun Time!

Avatar photoSarissofoi

I think most of the complains against goblins come from the fact that they have no low tier troops like people expect.
Bandits have thugs, undead have skeletons and zombies and ghouls, orcs have young orc(still they are strong for low tier) but goblins have no lows.
#There comes a idea.
Why if there be added some Wild Goblins. They are not organized ones like the regular Goblins so their forces consist of typical goblin rabble. They would be no belong to faction troops but become a filler troops for neutral locations and sometimes a roaming band of them.

Another idea is adding some high tier troops for them. Like some armoured wolfrides with charge and heavy armour or heavy front line troops with a lot of pikes(that can actually fight against armoured troopers).