Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner


Fantastic game and amazing art style, it really caught my eye and had me give a try to a genre of game I rarely pay attention to and I’m glad I did. I bought very few games the last few years which did surprise some people when they noticed I had purchased a game in early access but this game has a solid foundation and a great artistic direction plus I don’t recall meeting a single bug.

Rant off and now for something more on topic, around what era do you base the weapon and armor items for the human factions? From what I know it appears to be mainly 13th to 14th century Western Europe. I’d like to know what are the prospects of seeing any italo-norman faceplates and duck-billed helmets which I thought would look splendid with the hauberks and kite shields although they are from around the 12th and 13th century. A simple curiosity, I imagine you have your planning already and are quite busy with the new landscape and cities to design and all that comes far behind in the list of priorities.

Good luck with the game and thrilled for new updates :)