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What i propose is that you come up with a design, something, some point on the map, that injects enemy bands of a certain faction. Lets say bandits. I realize that they spawn in game now, but i simply cannot figure out how it works, it seems to be completely random, i go to some wasteland part of the map and i encounter random group of human bandits roaming the same area as undead armies. Makes no sense. Bandits (living humans) should spawn around settlements, and ideally they should have some sort of task they want to achieve (attack caravans? pillage and loot small settlements? that sort of stuff).

Bottomline is game needs a comprehensible structure that generates groups of enemies that roam the map and give player something to do (obtain experience and loot).

So, this is already in the game. There’s a formula to how the bandits spawn; you probably just haven’t noticed it yet.

There are bandit camps (often located in the woods) from where bandits will launch their assault on villages and caravans. Their goal is generally to avoid fighting tough encounters and to attack stragglers and undefended villages for sackloads of loot. You’ll often find them roaming in the wilderness (where their camps are hidden) or along the roads (where they do their raiding) for that reason.

Bandit camps that spawn bandits are easily recognizable because their names are red.

Orcish camps that spawn orcs have green names.

Undead camps that spawn undead have purple names.

Locations with gray names do not spawn monsters at all and exist solely to be looted AFAIK… or to even the odds of a fight, but that’s another topic.

Basically, there’s already a pattern to how enemies spawn. Orcs will set up camps usually in the swamps and work their way toward civilization. Bandits will build camps either in the woods or near the road (but usually not near a settlement) so they can raid caravans with impunity. Goblins… I haven’t actually found any goblin camps yet. And undead seem to build far off to the north and work their way down toward civilization.

So, the pattern is there. If you want to find out where the bad guys are spawning from, visit a watchtower or castle and see if you can get a contract to wipe out a camp of bandits or orcs.