Reply To: [suggestion] Random roaming bands

Avatar photoDanubian

I realize that there are random parties running around (and thus i assumed that they do get spawned), the problem is, in the current version, the map is SO large that you can walk around for 30 minutes and never encounter any.
In my current game i walked up all the way to the north east, to an area of badlands thats dominated by undead, and as i walked around i saw a bandit group. Human bandit group. What are they doing in a wasteland? (also saw one that was way up the snowy area in the north just walking around)
Before that i have spent maybe 5 hours following roads between settlements and have encountered bandits only once, 2 groups, one with tough bandits and one with thugs (btw in my first game i also saw this, there was a section of the map where 3 bandit groups would hang around, i think there is possibly some bug there because they tend to stick together).
So, in other words there arent enough groups being spawned and they dont seem to stick around areas that make sense (human bandits hanging out near roads or towns). I have seen Undead and Orcs siege towns too, i know it happens, but there isnt enough stuff around the map for me to interact with (sieging orcs and undead tend to be super strong).