Reply To: [suggestion] improve Orcish loots


Thats sort of not the point, im talking about the variety and general quality of loot, rather than sheer quantity.

You can get Orc weapons, which are mostly useless to me unless im missing something.
You can get some repair and healing gear and some food.
You can get big shields, which are ok, and you get small shields which are meh (i think castle shields are better?).

They dont give you armors or helmets which is like the most important loot im looking for.

And ofc they dont give you premium human weapons.

What im proposing is perhaps giving you ability to collect broken Orcish armors and perhaps have humans forge some super strong armors etc? You know, something completely different to every other faction and exotic at the same time.

And of course note that it appears that the biggest and toughest Orcs use the same exact weapons as the easiest ones. Look at Bandits or Undead on the other hand. Bandit thugs have essentially worst starting weapons; second tier Bandits (raiders iirc?) have second tier weapons, and Bandit Leaders can drop you pretty much top gear (ive had 200 armor helmets, war hammer etc). Orcs need more stuff.