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But again, those were helmets of a different time (pike and shot), so I doubt they’ll be included.

True, the Morion is too far out to be included :)

On another note: really liking the attached location artwork idea. Will you be drawing connections between the settlements and their locations (roads, dirt paths)? Will any of those locations (like hunting lodges) appear in the forest, or in the hills or mountains (mines)? And do you know if we’ll see monasteries?

We will start with the real visual implementation once we have all the coding done for exact distribution. Of cousre settlements will be connected by dirt roads, we will see about the attached locations.
All attached locations will only appear in the according environments. Of course fisherhuts will only exist near the coast, while a lumbercamp would not appear on open plains and so forth.
We have a brewery planned, I didnt paint the asset yet, but my plan is to make it a monastery with the monks taking care of providing the brew :)

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