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Stunning work!
Are you guys considering some more battlefield oriented uses for the new banner? With that I mean apart from the heraldry showing on the armors and shields which in itself is a great way to forge an identity for your company, I was thinking of something in the ways of a standard bearer as late game I always aim to incorporate a resolve oriented character in my company which specialises in staying alive and encouraging his comrades at arms and I would very much like to have him sport a banner of the company. It could be used in the object slot like the wardogs, as a shield or even all together sacrifice the offensive capabilities of a brother by making it two handed and as per its usefulness it could slow down the loss of resolve and mitigate its effects, provide bonuses to resolve similar to the captain(?) perk and on the downside losing your standard bearer would be a huge drop in resolve (what a terrible sight to see the symbol of your company butchered down and trampled!) making it a double edged sword, something to use wisely.