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Avatar photoMeeky

So, couple things.

Firstly, since I didn’t comment on it earlier: that swamp background is actually looking pretty darned nice. I know it’s not final, but I like what it’s shaping to be.

– Random Banner (the Charge of the banner actually refers to the character of the house. A warlike house will sport smth ferocious like a ram, axes, lions a bull or antlers. A Benevolent house will sport smth noble like Crowns, Horses, Eagles, Acorns or Fleur de Lis).

And I was hoping to hear something like this. Very nice.

So, here’s another question since I’m thinking on it:

Are there different styles of castles planned for the worldmap? Different village looks? As in, if I see Castle “A”, might it have a different outward appearance (not mentioning attached locations) from Castle “B”? Might this depend on the region they’re in (swamp vs. snow)?