Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies

Avatar photoDanubian

As I wrote earlier – the party of level 11 with normal backgrounds, proper buildup (and diverse – and that’s good) and normal gear – could easily defeat the most powerful opponents. The issue is that for the early and middle stages of the game Orcs Warriors – a mortal enemy. 5-6 orc warriors smear your party level 4-5 for a few rounds without a chance. It’s all clear and the dispute itself is only in the way that some say “I won”, while others say – “it is impossible”. Perhaps, they were just different levels of troops :). However, it should be noted this time, and here I agree with the author topic – no enemy except Orc Warrior and enemies – with a crossbow does not depend so much on the merciless randomness in the game. I had a case when an orc warrior one surrounded by three of my brothers stood at a low level – I had 6 misses streak to him with a chance to 60+. But he answered 4 times hit in the head and almost killed two of my 11 brothers leveled in excellent armor to perk cancellation critical blow to the head and perk on umeshenny damage through armor. These are the things I’m really annoyed. rand is good for gameplay … maybe, but he should also be a part of the balance sheet and not a moment when all your tactical moves and the right pumping fly to hell

Personally i have no issues with game randomness. My issue is with the balance where once you are level 10+ there are still enemies (non unique ones) that are insanely difficult to fight, and primarily because they have stupid amounts of armor AND the ability to kill your high level brothers in best possible armors with best possible weapons in just 3 hits (the ability to destroy most shields in 1 hit for example is just broken, it defeats the whole point of a shield).

Like i said many times, i understand that there are people who enjoy brutal difficulty, where you can lose a level 10 brother in 3 hits. And i will repeat: if you want brutal difficulty, use higher game difficulty setting. The base game at the lowest possible difficulty setting should be a lot more casual, without opponents that are stupidly OP and needlessly difficult to defeat. And again im not against game providing opponents that are though, however, those opponents should be reserved for special battles and unique situations, they shouldnt be roaming the map in such insane numbers (i have previously encountered a group of like 8 orc warriors and 7 or 8 berserkers, that battle was insane).

And i still stand by my original point about Goblins. While goblins are not simply OP as Orc Warriors, they are ridiculously annoying to fight. Fights against goblins are huge waste of time, simply because you will spend more time chasing them around the map than actually fighting them. Once youve done that 5 or 10 times, it starts getting really repetitive and boring. And the game doesnt provide any economic or fun way of dealing with Ambushers (weve been through dogs and how they are not a fail safe strategy/magical solution in this regard).