Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

Avatar photoJeuparfois

I really dig the art design of this game. Solid, immersive.

I have but one slight restraint about it, if I may.

About the base (stand, plinth, I quite don’t know the exact word obviously) it works wonder with skeletons and golbins, due to their smaller size, great with big orks, and their armoire build.
Althought, with humans, it feels a bit less like pawns, a bit more “eggish”. As the left side embraces the bottom, the character tends to be seen as a whole, and not over his base. Maybe a larger base than top would be more pleasant, truly my opinion.

I hope it’s not inconsiderate to permit myself the remark.
As besides this, art direction is flawless to me, full of spirit and seriousness.

Keep up the good work.