Topic: Damage modifier muply rather than add?

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    Sorry about my ENG.
    As what tile says,
    now the damage modifier is multiply rather than add, so a new issue emerge.
    If I get a named weapon with30% bonus to base damage, and drunkard trait, killing frenzy buff. That would be 130%*110%*125%=178% totally 78% bonus at last.
    Then if I get double grip, another 125%, well 224% that’s really awsome only a double grip buff get 46% buff to a weapon base damage, or it’s a bit op since double grip will attain another duelist at the same time, so at last this double grip buff get 46% damage bonus and 31% piercing bonus.

    Well, It seems some damage modifier should be add not multiply, I mean, not all of them should, or double grip is too op over 2-h weapon? or it just working as intended?

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