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    Just a quick suggestion: could we have both the name and title of our mercenaries be visible in the in-battle UI? The names of my mercenaries tend to jumble together in my head when I play, especially if I have a high turnover rate in my company. I give all of my mercs titles to differentiate them, but since it doesn’t show up next to the character’s name in the bottom of the screen when he’s active, I often find myself clicking into the inventory screen just to remind myself who I’m moving.

    If this has been suggested before then, well, oops?

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    There isn’t enough space currently. You can see their title when hovering over them, though, both on the battlefield and in the turn sequence bar.

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    Avatar photoAlesch

    I had not noticed that. That will help, thanks.

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    I agree though that it is difficult at times to distinguish your mercs. It would really help if the level and the background icon could be placed close to the name. There should be enough space for that?


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