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    Paul, the variation on these creatures is amazing. I’ll go so far as to say this is some of your best BB-work up to now.
    I’m especially fond of the last two models. They embody a mindless gloutony that suits those beasts very well.
    I’m very much looking forward to you guys unveiling their skills and gameplay mechanics!

    in reply to: My ideas. (Sorry for my English) #16880

    Absolutely! Willsama and I just had a chat about your ideas and I forwarded the thread to Overhype. Let’s see if some of your ideas might be implemented (despite of the usual restrictions of time and ressources).

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    Instant classic.

    in reply to: Before the new big step forward #6669

    I have thought about this aspect of Battle Brothers a bit when I first played the early development builds. Another way to do it would be a pseudorandomisation, as i.e. Dota2 handles it regarding skills like Axe’s “Counter Helix”: If the skill has a 33% chance to proc on a hit and the rolls do not meet the expected outcome of 1/3 of the hits, the chance goes up or down until the outcomes over the course of a game are as close to 33% as possible. So here we find the number actually controlling the propability for each hit in constant flux so we have a result of 33% over time.
    That said, I am totally fine with how the probabilities in Battle Brothers work and I am sure we can trust Rap that the lines of code under the hood are more than solid. He is totally right with his assessment that often there is a huge dissonance of people’s perception of a random system and the actual probabilities, because players a) experience small sample sizes (i.e. a single battle where they get angry and then later in a playing session another battle) and b) the negative experiences tend to be stronger and stick in our memory (the so-called “Negativity Bias”). Regarding the above mentioned “lucky” rolls of hits despite a very low hit chance we could easily extend this line of thought towards the notion that our brains register short spikes much stronger than the long periods of time where the system meets our expectations. We remember the few rolls that are on the fringes of a “Gaussian”/”normal curve” of distribution much easier than the big chunk of rolls that make up its center.
    Plus from a gameplay standpoint I came to the conclusion that the Dota2 system makes sense in a real-time environment. Turn based combat would lend itself much too easily to the “gaming” of a pseudorandom system.

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    This thing looks badass, great work <3

    in reply to: Paul´s Art Corner #4412

    Here, here and here are the Pripyat swamps of Belarus.

    Isn’t Pripyat the ghost town left after the Tschernobyl nuclear meltdown? Should make for some eerie environments (and it would explain the rat people^^)

    in reply to: interesting camping mechanics #3990

    Yeah, I’ve played that game and enjoyed it quite a bit. I also really liked the camping mechanics in The Dark Eye: Startrail (DSA: Sternenschweif) back in the day. Since in Battle Brothers the player has to manage 12+ people we’ll have to see about camping not involving too much repetitive micromanagement, though.

    Ha! I immediately thought about Sternenschweif too. That game actually was so tedious to play but I enjoyed every second of it because I was so hyped about playing DSA on a PC. Good times

    in reply to: Suggestion: Quest Stacking, Increased Rewards #3765

    I remember getting this kind of contract twice in a build before the early access release, so it has definitely been in the game for some time now.

    in reply to: Impressions, and things I'd like to see. #2758

    Hi Paul,
    I might be wrong but I think Mathus was talking about having a pike-like weapon that would enabel to do a ranged swing attack hitting several tiles (similar to the 2H Sword maybe) if there is nothing blocking the target.

    in reply to: My first impressions #2283

    … damn that smiley gets huge when you quote it :D

    in reply to: My first impressions #2282

    My criticisms, like those of other forum commenters, are just our attempts to be constructive, to show we care about how the game develops. :)

    Yes absolutely, I think it is great that there is so much constructive criticism. I am amazed at how engaged and pationate people already are about the game. On the other hand, I am pretty hyped myself. Although Dennis (the other composer) and me only worked on the music of Battlebrothers, gameplaywise it is a match made in heaven for us as we are big fans of many of the inspirations like UFO or JA and we are both longtime pen&paper RPG players.

    in reply to: New faction suggestion #2271

    …Kind of like a cultural transitioning point…

    I like your take on this!

    in reply to: My first impressions #2265

    Praise: Nothing to add. Perfect. Kudos to the composers. What makes for excellent game music? That you can listen to it for 10 hours straight and it doesn’t begin to grate on you. The lovely Caribbean tunes in Tropico were grand, but after a couple hours I had to turn them off for repetitiveness. Not here. Unobtrusive, mood enhancing, splendid work!

    Thank you Trig! It’s so nice to hear that, means a lot! And you’ve got some great and detailed feedback on the game in your post. I’m sure this will be very helpful to Overhype.

    About the fog on the tactical map. It was so… I don’t know, it wasn’t to bright, but it really hurt my eyes, looking at it for longer than 10 seconds. o.O
    If I encounter that fog again, I’ll take a screenshot, except you know what I mean.

    I had the same complaints about the fog in one of my pre-EA play throughs and reported it with a screenshot. The fog even seems to appear at various grades of brightness/contrast, maybe depending on the time of day (?). I am sure the devs are on it.

    in reply to: Weird map clipping #2152

    Hey Nuka,
    this does not sound like a bug, but as if your brothers have been standing on different elevation levels. If I am right, try fiddling with the arrows in the top right corner of the screen if this happens again. That’s how you can choose which level the game displays.

    in reply to: Strategic map. #2024

    The real issue is that food isn’t really important from what we’ve seen so far, outside of mutiny, so there’s only tension related to running out of money. You could circumvent this by adding ways to use supplies as a resource, rather than just having them passively go down. Such as arriving at a city and discovering that the people are starving as a result of raids on the farms. If you don’t share your supplies the militia get weakened even further, running the risk of the city getting razed if you don’t put a stop to the raids. That would also give the player different ways of dealing with a problem: give away supplies so that the militia can fight the raiders for now, deal with the raiders yourself or hope things will work out somehow (or maybe lure in another faction to deal with them?).

    This idea sounds great, and could easily be considered for the event system. It has a strong FTL-vibe to it, where you would often encounter beacons with people in need of a ressource and you would have to deliberate whether you can give a good chunk of your fuel or rockets up for what might be a great reward like a crewmember, a special weapon or intel on the sector (though sometimes it would turn out that you get nothing but some beamweapon shots to the hull by some pesky pirates^^).

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