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I meant the military cleavers or orcish cleaver.

And xbows with Bags & Belts plus Quick Hands get to shoot 2 shots per round for 2 rounds and move 2 spaces for less fatigue than 1 aimed bow shot. Xbows also have higher damage and armor penetration so when coupled with Rage for +50% damage you can reliably land 1-shot kills, Berzerk back your action points, reload and fire a second shot. The math of AP and Berzerk means I can go so far as to shoot 3 xbow bolts in a single turn for 45 fatigue, the same number and cost as 3 normal bow shots. But the xbow shots are like 3 aimed shots which means they usually have 90% to hit where bows have around 70% while at range and with a maxed character.