Reply To: Ability to choose the path of movement in battle

Avatar photoSteven Aus

As of the current publicly available build, there are two cases when you can’t move through allied units:

1. When you are trying to move through two or more of your own units in a row (not sure if it can currently path through one, one hex space and then another of your own units), and you have enough action points to move through all of them;

2. When there is one or more allied units in the best path (allied but not on your merc team). You can’t move through allied units at all.

As well as the changes you’ve already made, could you make sure that it is possible to move through two or more of your own units and one or more of allied units, as long as you have enough AP and the route doesn’t trigger attacks of opportunity?

Also, can you make sure that the AI doesn’t consider your team (apart from not landing on your square) when making decisions on where to move and attack?

I noticed in the current publicly available version that sometimes enemies can move on the same hex as another enemy, but I can’t show you because there is no way to save in battle.