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Ey ey ey. Now, this is how and what I experienced compared to the above. Just remember this is represented by my game so far, no idea how much the gods of random were helping me.

Absolutely agree on the music, done amazingly. Played for quite a time and did not have to start up my playlists.

But can not agree on the difficulity with the camps. The only time I did lose men was at the very when encountered strong and above next to each other. Very first battle against the joined raid parties took both of my well trained mercenaries. Was not prepared for a berserker warrior army. Those are scary. Tho not as scary as the orc leaders, he alone almost annihilated my whole group. Thanks to the rotation skill only had to rest for days and not dig graves.

I do buy alot of tools, and I do repair almost everything, it still gives more money. That inventory space is big enought if you don’t go on an exploring conquest destroying the orcs whos armies were burning the villages. Consider the tool – repair thing as a short term investment. Ofc the better the items are the more you gain. Besides both Orcs and Bandits seem to be factions who spawn in new forts all the time. At least I was not yet able to eliminate the green manace, they keep poping forts all around one of the village and burn it.

About the recruits, for a long time didnt lose any men, before that all who died were newcomers without lvl. Since the start was going for the cheap ones. Now when my group is 7-9 lvl I ran into the horde and lost two brave soul who were with me from the early game, a farmer who became my secoundary 2h annihilator and a beggar who became my archer. So I started to look for strong and expensive adventurers, not knowing the difference between the 1k+ guy and my ~100 peasants. Even lvled as mine are, these super expensive ones aren’t far behind in stats. And they are lvl 1. Having a party of expensive lvl 1 recruits is like having lvl 5-6 of the low cost ones. As long as they do have good backgrounds ofc.

The lvling, well it is too fast imo. The spacing between enemy lvls is off too. There were no puny forts, only few weak ones from quests to search for, and average from annihilation quests. Skipped the puny lvl from the very start, just like it was never there. Weak was not up for long either. There is no big need in equipment if your party if prepared with right weapons and luck. Probably they will be balanced sometime later, at least would make sense.

Perks, some are extremely useful, some are almost absolutely useless. For example perks like “Battle Forged: -20% armor damage” and “Rotation: change place with a char next to you” “Shield expert: +25% defense from shields” are super useful, the first one for all melee the secound n 3rd for shieldbearers. Can always save anyone and take almost no damage even when hit. While “Executioner: +20% dmg when enemy 50% hp or less” and “Hold out: immune to morale” are absolutely useless in my game.

The jobs. The caravan ones were great the the start of the game, easy money. Getting 1k+ clean profit at lvl 1 is too good. Perhaps they shouldn’t give such “hard” routes to rookies. While after a point they indeed become useless. They give no money, or takes too long to have any profit. Other jobs are ok, now that you can’t deliver same destroy quest 2-3 times.

A short summary, on my 45th ingame day. And I do agree with everything else that you guys said. Will see how it goes from here.