Reply To: Crafting Mod v1.0

Avatar photolaViper

After all, I think only 3 moments need to be resolved in nearest future.
-Barbarians should gain Nimble instead of Dodge, cause they are created as high INI fighters. In any cases with new Dodge they lose their strength a bit.

-About Killing Frenzy – I tried to make it depended on Hitpoints, but any brother has 50-60 hitpoints, so he will gain +15-18% bonus damage. That enormous. But I still want to give a lot for 100HP men. So may be I change calculation of bonus from this perk. Like +0.5% damage bonus per each HP over 50. So it will give +25% per 100HP men and just 5% for 60HP men.

-About Dodge – I don’t decided about how profitable it should be. Main problem that all bonus disappear next turn. So currently I’m thinking about concept – slow gain + slow down. Gain +2 or +3 defence per each tile, and than lose only 1-1.5 stack each turn.

About pathfinder, it definitely becomes stronger. But with new DLC it perfectly fit into Bow vs Crossbow and Polearm Mastery.
Now man with crossbow can make a step and shot-reload, but with bow not. So pathfinder resolves this moment.
In original you can make 2 steps and polearm attack only with Polearm Mastery, with my mod pathfinder gives it from 2lvl – that moment makes me worry about it.

But now with rebalance crossbow skill cost, it’s really cool that Pathfinder and Polearm Mastery work together.
Hybrid can make a step (1), crossbow shot (2) and polearm attack (5). Man with just Polearm Mastery and Berserk can make 2 steps (1+2) and 2 attacks if kill someone (5+5).