Reply To: Let's Play. Hard difficulty. No loot allowed.

Avatar photoSarissofoi

Second Part. Fight against ghouls and some walking.

Third part. More ghouls and some greenskins.

Its more like playing delivery boy simulator. Boring. No fun. I played more on another map with another company.
You can get only cheap brothers(no cash to pay the better ones and no cash to sustain them). Losses are hard to replace. No looted weapons mean you can’t easily throw cheap bodies at some raiders and get some of their equipment. Not mention Dead brother mean that his armour is lost too. Fights get you EXP and few coins(or not at all) at cost or repairs, broken equipment and dead brothers.
Berserkers murder you. Raiders kill you. Adult orcs laugh at you when your weapons break at their armour(then they stomp you). Young orcs gonna run through your ranks.
Overall its not bad but I should make some small exception to no looting rules(like one armour/weapon allowed to loot or getting only non damaged items) so I can actually look for the fight.
When it will be possible to get few contacts at once then I will give it another go. Or there will be bounties for named characters and orcish ears and goblin scalps.
But playing with cheap band is simply no fun.