Reply To: Cross-bow/Billhook CTD

Avatar photoKalavan

forget the skipped character thing, just had the first panicked unit and I suppose that also that time it was due to panic, but being engaged with an enemy my unit repeatedly tried to flee, just to be stopped in his position by opportunity blows till he died – perhaps the white flag should be a little bit bigger?

regarding the CTDs, I’ve made a few more tries and everything seems to work flawlessly indeed; I’ve tried every combination I could think of – billhook placed in all the different inventory slots, switched weapons with the crossbow loaded or after a shot, with the enemy at distance or while engaged in melee – and I didn’t have any problem
I’m sorry but I cannot remember any special circumstances – the first two times I was just tryin’ to win the scenario, then I thought that the switch was the reason of the CTDs and made another test, when it crashed i thought that I was right but evidently that is not the case – I’ll let you know if it happens again