Dev Blog #43: Introducing the Event System

Time sure flies by fast! It’s been a full month now since we announced that we’d go full time and needed some weeks to get everything sorted out. While we took care of business and set up our new workspaces, we were also featured on the Steam Summer Sale for a day. Yay!

We’re happy to let you know that we’re now back in the saddle again. Both Christof (the programmer) and Jan (the manager) have moved to work full time on Battle Brothers. The last of the bunch, Paul (the artist), will join us mid-July. Development pace should now pick up again.

As previously announced, the first item on our roadmap is the introduction of an event system for the game. Today’s update to the game adds just that, so let’s take a closer look…

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Dev Blog #42: Progress Update – Going Full Time and A Small Roadmap

Time for some good news!

It’s been more than three weeks now since Battle Brothers released into Early Access and so far it has been pretty successful. The game was well received and we got a lot of helpful feedback from all of you, much of which we’ll incorporate into the game over the course of the next year. There is a lot still left to do, of course, but things are looking bright.

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Battle Brothers Enemies Header Trailer

Recap: One week of Early Access

Battle Brothers launched into Early Access just about a week ago and so far it has been quite a ride!

First of all, a big thank you to all who have supported us by buying the game, giving feedback and suggestions, and reporting bugs! Please keep it up and keep spreading the word and help us getting people to know about Battle Brothers!

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Battle Brothers released to Early Access!

Finally! After all that waiting you can now experience for yourself how it feels to get your men slaughtered and, in some rare cases, even emerge victorious in a game of Battle Brothers. We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed designing it!

Please keep in mind that this game was just released into Early Access and is far from finished. We consider it a solid foundation upon which we can now build a truly great game over the course of the next year.

Where to get it

The best place for buying the game is at our very own website. You’ll receive a Steam key with which you can start playing right away. In addition, you may leave a tip to further support us if you want.

You can also get the game on Steam itself, especially if you want the Deluxe Edition or Supporter Edition.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet you can find a description of the available editions at the bottom of this post.

Feedback and Bugs Reports

Head over to our forums at http://battlebrothersgame.com/forums/forum/game-discussion/ to share your opinion, tell us of your ideas and experiences, and give us feedback.

It’s pretty much inevitable that once all of you play the game a pile of bugs and glitches will turn up that we never experienced before. We’ll do our very best to fix any issues in a timely manner, but we also need your help.

Please report any bugs at our forums at http://battlebrothersgame.com/forums/forum/bugreports/ and try to follow the guide in the sticky post.

Which editions are on offer?

Basic Edition
This includes the game in its current Early Access version and all future updates up to and including the full game release. It comes at a cost of 19.99$ – depending on region, your price may vary slightly. The best place to get it is directly at our website here.

Deluxe Edition
The Deluxe Edition includes the game in its current Early Access version and all future updates up to and including the full game release. Additionally, all buyers will receive the complete Battle Brothers soundtrack as a digital download once it is finished and released. The game already features more than one hour of music with signature tracks for all the factions and places. The difference in price to the basic edition will go directly to Breakdown Epiphanies, the musicians who are creating all the music for Battle Brothers. It comes at a cost of 24.99$ – depending on region, your price may vary slightly.

Supporter Edition
For those of you who really want to support us in the future development of Battle Brothers we also offer the Supporter Edition. Like the Deluxe Edition, this includes both the game itself and the soundtrack. In addition, you’ll get a digital lore book with a lot of background info about the world and its inhabitants, as well as our very first legendary item in the game, complete with a look of its own and a unique background story: Fangshire.


The Support Edition comes at 39.99$ – keep in mind this price is not about the additional content you get, but a chance for you to support further development of Battle Brothers if this is a project you truly believe in.

For all editions, please take note that both the soundtrack and the lore book are not yet done and will only be delivered once they’ve been finalized. You can expect them to be done at around the time the game leaves Early Access.

Early Access Announcemen HEader Battle Brothers

Early Access Launch on April 27th

Battle Brothers will launch to Early Access on April 27th

Finally! We’re all giggly and excited to get the game out there and see what you guys come up with, how you’ll play it, what you’ll think about it and which ideas and feedback you’ll have!

Battle Brothers will launch on Steam and will also be available on our very own website. We’ll look into other platforms for selling the game as well.

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Let’s Play continued: Parts 3 and 4 (Early Access Preview)

Update Time!

Battle Brothers is now in a state that we feel comfortable releasing into Early Access. However, before being able to actually sell it there are still some minor business-related and organizational hurdles to be cleared. We’ll let you know as soon as we have the date set!

Until then, maybe we can shorten the wait with some more Let’s Play episodes following the adventures of the “Red Hogs”. Here are two new episodes in which we take on a contract to raze a bandit hideout.