“Wolfmother” Short Story Released

Casey Hollingshead, the game’s original writer, has released a short story set in the grim medieval world of Battle Brothers as an eBook on Amazon. Its title: “Wolfmother”.

A leader. A kid. A scapegrace. A fighter. A nobleman. A scholar. One agreement. Led by a battle hardened mercenary captain, a group of sellswords trek up a mountainside to complete a contract. If you enjoyed the writing in Battle Brothers and want for more, check out his book here.

Also, it’s anniversary time! One year ago, Battle Brothers graduated from Early Access and was released a full game into the world. To celebrate this occasion, Battle Brothers is on sale with a 50% discount for the next two days. Hurray!



A small update has been released with collected minor improvements and bugfixes for issues that you guys reported since the last update.


  • Changed name of Fallen Hero without head to ‘Headless Fallen Hero’ to make it more clear that this is intended behavior.
  • Fixed rare issue with fresh undead becoming untargetable during the Undead Scourge endgame crisis.
  • Fixed initiative penalty due to waiting not being applied correctly.
  • Fixed Necrosavants not dropping Shimmering Ashes.
  • Fixed ‘Horrific Scream’ of Geists being subject to height level restrictions.
  • Fixed potentially wrong reward amount mentioned in one of the ‘Drive Away Bandits’ texts.
  • Fixed Black Monolith being selected in one of the ‘Find Artifact’ twists as the new target.
  • Fixed AI sometimes being confused on swamp terrain.
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip hint for muddy ground and plashy grass on swamp terrain.
  • Fixed ‘Split Hand’ injury not being affected by ‘Hold Out’ perk.
  • Fixed news about conquered settlements in the noble war crisis sometimes arriving too late and preventing other events from firing.
  • Fixed various minor issues.

The Bits and Bytes of House Kaltenborn

Breakdown Epiphanies, who lovingly composed all music for Battle Brothers, created their very own “thank you” for the Battle Brothers community. As a special treat they have revisited one of their favourite pieces, the noble house track “Rise and Fall of House Kaltenborn”, and reimagined it as it would have sounded if the game had come out on one of the classic 16-Bit consoles like the Sega Genesis or the SNES 20 years ago. Get ready for the nostalgia to hit you!

You can hear and download “Bits and Bytes of House Kaltenborn” for free on their Bandcamp page:

In addition, the Battle Brothers Soundtrack and everything else from Breakdown Epiphanies can now also be found on Spotify. Just click the link below!


Free DLC Released

The Lindwurm DLC has just been released to every current and future owner of Battle Brothers for free. Challenge your mercenary company against a fearsome Lindwurm, an adversary of legend, home to the wild parts of the world and fiercely defending its hoard of treasure!

Read all about the content of this free DLC in the accompanying dev blog here. It’s not necessary to start a new campaign in order for any of the additions to appear in your game.

Alongside the DLC, the game has also been updated to version with a couple of bugfixes that we’ve collected over the past few weeks.


  • Fixed game potentially freezing after combat ends under specific conditions.
  • Fixed ‘Reset Equipment After Battle’ option not working properly for specific combinations of equipment.
  • Fixed damage bonus from eating mushrooms not being displayed properly in some skill tooltips.
  • Fixed tooltip from a necromancer that himself has been raised from the dead not showing properly.
  • Fixed damage inflicted to a Direwolf’s natural armor not being displayed in the combat log.
  • Fixed various minor issues.

Dev Blog #98: The Lindwurm

What is this sorcery?! Why, it’s a dev blog about the upcoming free Lindwurm DLC for Battle Brothers, of course! We’ve been working on a small thank-you gift for all you passionate fans on the side, and this is it. You’re about to get to face an entirely new opponent, get new armor to wear and items to use, new loot to collect, and a new banner to hoist for your company. Let’s take a closer look!

The Lindwurm

In Germanic mythology, a Lindwurm is a wingless bipedal dragon resembling a large snake. It’s a large and fearsome creature, the adversary in many a legend, and it’s making its way into Battle Brothers. The wild and uncivilized parts of the world are about to become more dangerous, as you’ll soon find a Lindwurm or two roaming thereabout, making an old forest or hillside their territory and fiercely defending their hoard of treasure from any intruder.

You can download a wallpaper version of the artwork above here.

In combat, the Lindwurm is the only opponent that occupies two tiles at once – one for the upper body, and one for the tail. While both are part of a single body, and thus share hitpoints, the Lindwurm can move them and attack with them separately. The Lindwurm’s mouth is armed with long and sharp teeth, which can easily tear a grown man in two. The tail is strong enough to slam against several men at once, stagger them or even knock them across the battlefield.

And if that wasn’t terrifying enough, a Lindwurm’s blood is also highly corrosive to many materials – including those used in armor. Whenever a Lindwurm takes hitpoint damage in melee, the attacker may be sprayed with their acidic blood, which will slowly eat away at any armor for several turns. Attacking with polearms and ranged weapons will prevent you from being sprayed with acid. On the other hand, a Lindwurm’s acidic blood can also be used to your advantage…

But wait, there’s more!

You’re about to get a new Lindwurm-themed set of named armor, helmet and shield, which come with the unique property of being unaffected by the highly corrosive Lindwurm blood. And then, of course, there’s a new Lindwurm-themed banner to choose for your mercenary campaign of fearless lizard hunters.

The acidic blood of a Lindwurm can be collected in flasks, which can then be thrown from the offhand in battle, shattering on impact and corroding over several turns the armor of anyone nearby that is unfortunate enough to be hit – useful against heavily armored opponents such as orcs or the later ancient dead.

When can I play it?

The Lindwurm DLC will be released on October 19th for free to every owner of Battle Brothers. It’s not necessary to start a new campaign in order for any of the additions to appear in your game.


A New Challenger Appears

Surprise! We just might have worked on a little thank you on the side for all you guys’ support and passion about the game. We know that many of you have racked up dozens if not hundreds of hours of playtime by now, and it’s time for a new challenge…

Read all about it in next week’s full-blown dev blog!