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Dev Blog #35: Worldmap Progress and Feature Lists

Finishing all core mechanics is our top priority right now and a lot of work is getting done on the underlying mechanics of the strategic worldmap. Unfortunately, this also means that we don’t have anything flashy to show you this week.

In the meantime we gathered all the most important information of previous blog posts into 3 detailed feature lists. Each feature comes with a status so that you can see at a glance if it has already been implemented or is yet to come, which should give you a good idea of where we are at with the game.

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Dev Blog #34: Progress Update – New Armor, Helmet Rework, Banners

As every week, we have some sweet new stuff for you. We went back to take a look at all the armor in the game and reworked all helmet appearances and armor values. What is more, we added some missing body armors to get a nice progression of armor values into the game. To round things up, a banner generator is in the works that will allow you to create your very own custom banner when starting a new game of Battle Brothers.

Lets explore this in more detail.

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Dev Blog #33: Progress Update – Character Generation, Hiring and Shopping

With the Early Access release coming up early next year we try to step up our game and make a lot of progress each week. This week we have for you a complete rework of how Battle Brothers are generated and rendered. Get prepared for uniquely looking Battle Brothers with no less than 80,640 possible combinations for heads currently!

On the worldmap we also added two more core features – hiring new Battle Brothers and the buying and selling of equipment. Let’s take a look…

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Dev Blog #32: Orc Line Battle Video

We’ve talked a lot about the Orc faction so far. Now it’s time to see the greenskins in action!

Our new gameplay video covers a line battle against the orcs with full commentary from one of our devs. Expect a lot of carnage and get properly scared of the green menace! Also, we have a lot of new stuff in the video: Two-handed axes, javelins, battle statistics, and more. Go ahead and check it out:



Dev Blog #31: Progress Update – Orcs, UI, New Weapons

In this week’s update we have a lot of big and small additions to the game. The largest part was implementing all the skills, graphics, weapons and characters of the orcs into the game and to teach the AI how to make good use of all that. On top of that, we added a bunch of new weapons that have been outstanding for a while, and we implemented new UI features and elements. Lets go into some details…

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Dev Blog #30: Orc Faction Reveal

We’ve gotten many a question regarding the enemy diversity in Battle Brothers. Until now we always had to put off these questions – but not any longer. We present to you the first major faction after the Undead: The Orcs!

The Orc faction has unique characters, skills, weapons and most of all tactics compared to the Undead and will force the player to challenge everything learned before. Lets get into some details.

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