Let’s Play Battle Brothers  – Goblin Update

It has been quite a while since the last official let’s play so we decided that we will give it another go with the latest Goblin Update on the challenging difficulty setting.

The focus of the series is to entertain and not to explain every little detail as that could get really tedious. Developer Jaysen will make sure to hand out lots of advice to newer players as he goes along while trying to keep up a high pace of gameplay. So check it out and you may take away a thing or two.

Episode 1:

The “Iron Shields” take on their first two fights while we make sure to give advice on the early game like buying the right equipment and employing basic combat tactics:

Episode 2:

Thought about attacking a Goblin Hideout with a level 1 group? Here you go:

Episode 3:

We set out to clear the woods of various Bandit encampments:

More episodes soon!

Goblin Update Patch Header

Goblin Update – Bugfixes and Balancing Changes

With so many new things added or changed with last week’s huge ‘Goblin Update’ it doesn’t come as a surprise that quite a few new bugs popped up as well. This quick update fixes a bunch of them and brings some minor balance adjustments based on your feedback over the weekend.

We’ve also taken the liberty of renaming all the difficulty levels. Battle Brothers is not an easy game, so we’ve removed the implication that it may be one by renaming ‘Easier’ to ‘Even’. This is now also the default difficulty level when clicking the ‘Start Campaign’ button in order to get new players to start with the easiest difficulty mode available (which still offers plenty of opportunity for failure). Most players will start playing a new game on medium difficulty, but with Battle Brothers that isn’t necessarily the best approach. The other difficulty levels have been renamed to ‘Challenging’ and ‘Deadly’ in order to better reflect the playing experience. The actual effect of the difficulty levels hasn’t been changed, only their label and the default difficulty setting.

As a side note, some of us won’t be available for roughly one week starting tomorrow. This means that progress will slow down for the duration and our ability for technical support and bug fixing will be limited until our return. See you soon!


  • Added damage numbers shown in combat log also on killing blows.
  • Changed starting resources for Orc and Goblin bases to be lower so that they send out smaller/weaker parties in the very beginning. This will only take effect upon starting a new campaign.
  • Changed threat values of some Goblin and Orc units so that they’re rated as more difficult now on the worldmap.
  • Changed worldmap speed of Goblin Wolfriders to be lower to give the player a chance to escape them until we have a chance to solve other general balancing issues with the major worldmap rework.
  • Changed companion backgrounds to never start with the Drunkard trait.
  • Changed Throwing Net to no longer gain additional range with height level difference as ranged weapons do.
  • Changed Cruel Falchion to no longer have a bonus chance to hit the head.
  • Changed Goblin shields to give 5 less Melee Defense. They’re tiny shields, afterall.
  • Changed Puncture skill to never inflict critical hits for additional damage.
  • Changed Break Free skill to have each failed attempt increase the subsequent chance for success by 10%. Just keep at it!
  • Changed Cultist Hood to reduce vision by 1 just based on how it looks.
  • Changed wardogs to automatically be unleashed if their handler gets killed before they’ve been unleashed wilfully.
  • Changed wardogs to have slightly more hitpoints.
  • Changed Houndmaster background to unleash wardogs always with confident morale.
  • Changed names of difficulty levels to ‘Even’, ‘Challenging’ and ‘Deadly’, and made ‘Even’ the default setting.
  • Changed bleeding damage to be applied to characters when ending or waiting their turn, and no longer when starting it.
  • Changed defensive AI to better take into account range advantages.
  • Fixed Landsknechts and Militia attacking the player’s wardogs.
  • Fixed body injury layer on Orcs not displaying properly.
  • Fixed some incorrect values for worn headgear.
  • Fixed bug that could mess up the turn order as fleeing Goblin Wolfriders get killed, have the wolf survive and be immediately next to act.
  • Fixed Break Free skill not being removed after battle.
  • Fixed characters with negative defense values having absurdly high values after saving and loading the game again.
  • Fixed crash on spawning Bandit Leader in some instances.
  • Fixed potential savefile corruption related to Goblin Shaman’s Insect Swarm. Yikes!
  • Fixed issue with wardogs refusing to die properly after their former master has died.
  • Fixed issue with ranged AI positioning when having reduced vision (e.g. at night).
  • Fixed issue with sellsword event.
  • Fixed Pathfinder perk not applying correct values together with Clubfooted or Athletic character traits.



‘Goblin Update’ Release Notes and Changelog

We’re thrilled to announce that we just released the ‘Goblin Update’ to Steam! After reading about all the additions we made to the game for the past weeks, you can now finally dive into the game and experience them yourselves.

The changes and additions go way beyond adding Goblins. If you haven’t done so already, you can read up on many of the bigger changes in our dedicated posts linked below. Also check out the extensive changelog at the bottom for an overview of all the new features, balancing changes and fixes. Read more…


Dev Blog #51: Goblin Faction Reveal

We’re excited to finally be able to reveal the newest addition to the world of Battle Brothers: The Goblins. They come with unique characters, skills, weapons and armor, and lore of their own. All of those things we’ll talk about today, so let’s get going! Read more…


Dev Blog #50: Progress Update – Goblin Update Next Week, Orc Visual Makeover

You’ve already read the headline: The ‘Goblin Update’ will go live next week! Break out your heater shields, dust off your helmets, bid your savegames farewell and get ready for the big update. With the Goblins all new and shiny, and getting all the attention, Orcs have gotten green with envy. We can’t have that, so we’ve taken them to the makeover booth for the most exciting visual rework yet. Read more…

Battle Brothers Enemies Header Trailer

“Orchestrating the Onslaught” – The Music of Battle Brothers

Music is an integral part of any game and even more for a fantasy game like Battle Brothers. It sets the atmosphere for a relaxed visit to the town or a bloodcurdling fight against undead at night. In addition to our regular progress updates we want to take the opportunity to give you insights into how the Battle Brothers music is coming to life. The following article is written by our music composers Breakdown Epiphanies and has them explain in their own words their thoughts, inspirations and techniques behind the various musical pieces of the game. Read more…