Let’s Play continued: Parts 3 and 4 (Early Access Preview)

Update Time!

Battle Brothers is now in a state that we feel comfortable releasing into Early Access. However, before being able to actually sell it there are still some minor business-related and organizational hurdles to be cleared. We’ll let you know as soon as we have the date set!

Until then, maybe we can shorten the wait with some more Let’s Play episodes following the adventures of the “Red Hogs”. Here are two new episodes in which we take on a contract to raze a bandit hideout.


Early Access Preview – Let’s Play Part 1 & 2

While we can’t give you the Early Access just yet, we can give you the second best thing: A new Let’s Play series!

The build we’re showing is pretty close to the version you’ll be able to get at release as we won’t add any major new features until then. We’re mostly bug-hunting, polishing and improving the overall balance of the game now.

So here are the adventures, fortunes and (mostly) misfortunes of “The Red Hogs”..


Dev Blog #41: Progress Update – Weapon Durability, New Perks, Clouds

So much work! Our current focus is on getting the balance right for our upcoming Early Access release and hunting down all those pesky bugs. Over the last two weeks we had two major changes: We’ve added durability of weapons and did a rework of all 42 perks in the game. Also, we managed to squeeze in moving clouds on the worldmap.

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Dev Blog #40: Progress Update – Campaign Customization, Retreating and Desertion, Men-at-Arms, Zombie Overhaul

As always we’ve added a bouqet of new features and content over the past two weeks. This time we have a new start campaign screen with difficulty and banner selection, more in-game mechanics with the ability to order retreat from combat, and mercenaries deserting you if you run out of money and/or food. And that’s not all. Let’s go into the details.

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Header LP Final Episode

Dev Blog #39: Progress Update – Background and Trait Icons, Escorting Caravans, Final Let’s Play Episode

Over the last week we’ve been focusing on filling up missing content, playtesting and balancing the game. Most changes and additions are rather small by themselves but the game as a whole is making big progress as a whole. Furthermore we have the fourth and final Let’s Play episode of our little series for you!

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Let’s Play Battle Brothers continued (Pre-Early Access Version)

Our Let’s Play adventures continue in part 2 and 3 this week. All the while we’re busy at work polishing those rough edges and hunting down all the bugs. We should have a progress update for you next week with a bunch of new features and assets that have made it into the game.