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Dev Blog #24: Progress update #2 and “dead canyons” gameplay commentary

Over the past weeks a lot of new features found their way into the development build and its about time we showcase them. In the video you can see the new character screen layout, the perk system and the new bravery system in action.

Then we head out to the dead canyons to find a lost patrol. We’ll find some living creatures, but they are definitely not human..

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Dev Blog #23: About our motivation and inspiration

This week we go into our personal inspiration and motivation so you may get a better understanding of why we are making this game and what keeps us going. Two of our team members talk about what inspired them to start Battle Brothers and why they think a game like this is due. A little disclaimer: These are highly personal and subjective  opinions by our team members and not the studio itself.

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Dev Blog #22: Battle Brothers FAQ

Over the past weeks a lot of the same questions emerged regarding Battle Brothers and all of its aspects. We thought it would be helpful for many to compile them here with our answers so that you don’t have to traverse all the internet to find them yourselves.

In this article we feature just a small selection of these questions. You can find the full FAQ on our new subpage here: FAQ

If you have any questions not covered here, feel free to head to our forums or to leave a comment!

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Dev Blog #21: Ghosts ‘n Ghouls

The undead are the first major faction we presented you out of several more that we have planned. It is also the faction featured in our tactical combat demo. Today, we’ll present you the two latest additions to our undead roster.

A major consideration when designing any opponents is to have them add some unique gameplay element so that fighting them feels distinct from any other opponents. We feel that having different challenges in combat is essential in a combat-heavy game as ours, and for this reason our newest additions of course have their own set of skills and AI behavior that should challenge the player to adapt in order to survive.

Let’s see what we’ve come up with..

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Battle Brothers beeing in different states of morale after a heavy fight in turn based strategy game Battle Brothers.

Dev Blog #20: Bravery and Morale

Morale was a major and often deciding factor in real medieval battles. Not every battle was fought to the death, and instead, tactics often revolved around crushing the morale and organization of the opposition and to scatter them as a means to win a battle. In Battle Brothers we aim to simulate morale as the important factor it is. Indeed, if you’ve played our tactical combat demo, you’ll know that we already have a morale system in place. However, it didn’t turn out all what we wanted it to be, so we decided to do a complete rework. Read all about how the new morale system works below.

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Dev Blog #19: On Worldmap Locations

The strategic worldmap in Battle Brothers is filled with opportunities for adventure, battles and interaction. One of these opportunities are locations that you can explore, destroy and plunder or trade with. In this week’s developer’s blog we want to present you a couple of these locations.

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