Dev Blog #26: Mercenary Contracts and Greenlight Update


It’s been one week now since we launched on Steam Greenlight, and what a ride it’s been! According to Steam, we’re now 63% on the way to the top 100. Not too shabby for one week, but still a long way to go before being greenlit. Thank you all for your support so far!

If you haven’t voted for us already, please do so here:

Only with your help can we get the game on Steam, which would allow us to work on it full-time and make progress much faster. If you know others who might be interested in Battle Brothers, please do share the link!

So, that’s that. For now, let us take a look at contracts, which in Battle Brothers work much like quests do in other RPGs, and how they shape the game.

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Battle Brothers launched on Greenlight!

Battle Brothers is now on Steam Greenlight!

If we can gather enough votes the game will be available on Steam once it is finished, which would be a huge step forward. So please help us spread the word and head over to Greenlight to cast your vote!

In other news, Battle Brothers finally has a real trailer to showcase its features. Have a look!

FAQ2 Header Landscape

Dev Blog #25: Battle Brothers FAQ continued

As we were not able to cover all questions in our last FAQ posting we decided to do another one. You will definitely learn something new about the game when reading through them. If you have any questions not covered, have a look at the full FAQ here or feel free to head to our forums or to leave a comment!

Also, you might want to try our tactical combat demo to see how the game plays! Get it from here: Download.

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Dead canyons header

Dev Blog #24: Progress update #2 and “dead canyons” gameplay commentary

Over the past weeks a lot of new features found their way into the development build and its about time we showcase them. In the video you can see the new character screen layout, the perk system and the new bravery system in action.

Then we head out to the dead canyons to find a lost patrol. We’ll find some living creatures, but they are definitely not human..

battle brothers turn based strategy game

Dev Blog #23: About our motivation and inspiration

This week we go into our personal inspiration and motivation so you may get a better understanding of why we are making this game and what keeps us going. Two of our team members talk about what inspired them to start Battle Brothers and why they think a game like this is due. A little disclaimer: These are highly personal and subjective  opinions by our team members and not the studio itself.

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Dev Blog #22: Battle Brothers FAQ

Over the past weeks a lot of the same questions emerged regarding Battle Brothers and all of its aspects. We thought it would be helpful for many to compile them here with our answers so that you don’t have to traverse all the internet to find them yourselves.

In this article we feature just a small selection of these questions. You can find the full FAQ on our new subpage here: FAQ

If you have any questions not covered here, feel free to head to our forums or to leave a comment!

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