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As individual Battle Brothers gain more experience there are ways to specialize them to take up the role of a leader. For example, the “Captain” perk adds a percentage of the character’s own bravery to that of allies nearby. A particularly brave character with this perk can then keep his troops fighting and prevent them from panicking and fleeing in close battles. This could be especially useful against opponents such as Lost Souls who rely on fear as their main tool. A similar perk is “Inspiring Presence” which increases the combat effectiveness of nearby allies. In addition, we’ll have a few accessory items that befit a leader, such as a battle horn with which to rally fleeing troops.

We’ll probably have the player start out with a handful of Battle Brothers, one of which is a little more experienced, mostly for flavor. However, you don’t necessarily need an established leader character on the battlefield, it’s just one way to go about it. And one that, while offering clear benefits, may also leave you much more vulnerable if you happen to lose that single character that everyone else depends on. These characters could be regarded as your lieutenants; the real leader, you yourself, is leading from behind the scenes and is not represented by a character and therefore also cannot die. Though you’re free to rename any character to your own name, level him up and equip him to your liking, and generally give him the attention you would give your own character in a game, if you prefer.

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