Reply To: How the hell do you kill goblins?

Avatar photoEldar

Goblins are a fun bunch. Until I understood the tactics they utilize my warbands where stuck down like pin cushions and scattered in the wind.

The thing with goblin are that they are infact puny in the defensive department. As soon as you understand that the normal tactics won’t work you’re getting somwhere.

RusBear wrote down some of the tactics, I will expand on the list.

First of all – Be prepared. If your lads gonna rock the shield, use kite shields. Fatigue plays a big part in huntig them down. So try not have the heavist armour. Also use dogs to hunt down marksmen.

My own favourite tactic is to turn their own tactic agains them. Light infantry and nets, but the most effective thing against imho is crossbows. Crossbows are a bloody godssend against them. Three crossbowmen and a tacky frontline can decimate goblins in a mere turn.