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Since, all “old men” playing BB, I think, it is clear that the tactical component of our favorite games is clearly beginning to lag behind the strategy. So I think that the following updates on this topic should already be in the minds of developers. That’s decided to share his thoughts on the matter.
We all understand that as part of the engine is unlikely to expect tactically sighting strike capabilities limbs (at least the top :)) or the ability to take two weapons in both hands. But now we have in the game is a “tool” able to diversify tactical combat options and system of level up mercenaries at the same time! This so-called effects – debuffs like stuns or cripple. You can easily expand this topic. For example, on a certain level mercenary can take a special perk for stun weapons ability or axes with an increased chance chop off the head. Of course, this can be a special protective, range, or commander abilities. What is it and how it is already a priority to balance this- up to developers. To the skills requirements can be not only on the level, but also endurance, health, development of this particular branch of skills and relevant background even mercenary. The main thing – that we will get a variety of tactics and the addition of individualization in the development of a mercenary, without having to go to the “cryengine”.