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Avatar photoLove Gun

Pre-selecting the Skills would be neat, but i don’t consider it essential.

More essential than toggable helmets. ;P
I did not mean it to be designed for skills only, but also for the attribute points. Or do you remember how many points you have put into which attribute of one of your mercs, let alone 12 mercs? If you do, I can only imagine, that you always pick the same attributes anyway or you note it.
With the option of pre-selecting, you do not have to think of the distribution of points for every individual merc again and again(especially when you continue a playthrough after a break) and one can create new and altering builds easier.
Sure it works without my described addition. It would be a convenience; much in the same line of not needing to manually follow caravans, that some people complained about. But while caravan contracts are only one type of contract of several, the point distribution is omnipresent.
I think the game would benefit from such a system.

Maybe a good way to improve the Flail could be reducing the difficulty of hitting shield bearing enemies, as the chain allows it bending before hitting, i believe. Not sure about it, but is one of the first thing Wikipedia claims in it’s article.

That’s already the case for the flail’s basic attack “flail” by ignoring the shield defense bonus of targets bearing shields.
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