Reply To: a team with 12 xbows is just too op

Avatar photoRusBear

I am sorry too, but i did not offer “silly” arguments. I just asked for the opportunity to show the video where your tactics actually work against serious opponents. But if I see a video that here it will argument- not ‘silly’ argument in your favor. My experience of playing in the BB enough to know exactly what tactics are working and which are not. Of course, if you are level 11 characters attack the bandits – then work any tactics. But the realities of level up mercenaries in unpatched versions of the game (yet) such that you can not make universal soldier – and if your fighter can effectively (I mean against challenging opponents) to use the crossbow (with appropriate perks) it must be an expert in this – and that means he had no points at pumping enough protection abilities or attack ins close fight. Fnd when such a fighter come into close combat with 3 orc’s warriors… they tucked him his crossbow…you know where. That’s all.

Forget. I see that this dispute hopeless and meaningless.