Reply To: World Map Update( 29/02/2016).Discussion

Avatar photoSarissofoi

Few others things:
-no clear indication about enemy strenght ot composition in contract

Recently I clear some cementary on Contract and get 2nd contract in chain to kill necromancer.
I accespted but then contract lead me to enemy CAMP agaist 24 enemy combatants(2 Necromancers, plenty of Skeleton guards).
Little chance to complete mission.
Problem is all this wall of texts in contracts suggest that it will be combat on level similar to cementary but then it was like 2 tiers higher.
Also pay wasn’t really scaled to difficulty of task.

Similar thing happen when some guy hired my company to deal with some bandits who rape his daughter. Reward was rather low and it text suggest that i will be facing thugs mostly.
What was my suprise when it lead me to ‘Abadoned Hut’ full of Riders.
There was also one more thing this ‘Abadoned Hut’ was in fact Bandit CAMP but it change name when i get a contract.

Sure i get it that its a open world and mostly snadbox game. Sure I get that some mission will kick my ass.
Thing is that in build gold in reward was good suggestion how hard contract will be. Now its gone. Its almost pure RNG. No enough information.