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Avatar photoDanubian

Also speaking of important information, i think its time to add some of that to the recruitment system. The way i used to do it before was clear save game abuse, where i would endlessly reload until i rolled brothers with great stats and traits (both starting and recruitable).

It doesnt seem you can do that for recrtuitable brothers any more, however, it would still be nice if the game showed us advanced information about person we are about to hire. Their stats and most important of all their traits.

And speaking of traits, IMO the way they are now – some are clearly awesome and some are stupidly debilitating – is just bad. If you insist on having powerful traits, then at least make sure that each one leads to something different; if they have a huge penalty to HP, then add something that makes up for it, a unique skill or something. The way its set now, i simply have to save game, hire people i might want, check their stats, reload game and hire those who pass my criteria. It would be so much easier if i had that information in recruitment screen.