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Speaking for the programming side, we use Microsoft Visual C++ as a development tool. We make use of some free libraries, including SFML, PhysicsFS and Awesomium.
Out of curiosity, did you ever get the demo to run on your computer?

Thank You for memory!
I have problem with launching demo because I have old laptop with Windows XP, and with small disk space (I have about 700 MB free space for game), and I think how to do this without installing this service pack 3 (right now I can allow only SP2).
I think that Battle Brothers as a 2d game without advanced visual effects, should run easily on old computers too.
I can launch practically every good 2d game right now on my laptop (for example: Dwarf Fortress, Battle for Wesnoth, Age of Wonders Shadow Magic, Eador Genesis: New Horizons, Armageddon Empires, Stronghold, Tropico, Galactic civilisations 2, Patrician 3, Kohan 2, Alpha Centauri,… ), except those made by Game Maker developing tool.