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Hey sqw, thanks for the thumbs up!

1. Shrubberies prevents terrain detail to be display on mouse-over. The terrain could be solid ground or swamp – you wouldn’t know until one your men steps on it which can be fatal in the enemy zones you in his turn.

looks like a usability issue, we’ll see into that.

2. Total money is not updated after purchasing items in the market screen. The money is still deducted but just doesn’t update until you exit to the main village screen. You can accidentally spend more than intended.

Thats a bug. We are testing this right now and it seems to happen randomly. Thanks for the hint, we are invetstigating.

3. Possible bug: I was tasked with locating beasts that’s terrorizing a town on the very edge of the map. Sent 3 days walking around not finding the enemy until the last moment. The roaming enemy (wolves) was patrolling at the very edge of the map. I’m pretty sure I went over that area twice so maybe the enemy was roaming outside the map border?

Normally the beasts shouldnt stray far from the contract origin. I’ll have an eye on it and see if more people report similar things.

Thanks and cheers!

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