Reply To: World Map Update( 29/02/2016).Discussion

Avatar photoqbot3000

First thoughts on playing the new world map update:

1. The world is now more colorful and feels alive.
2. I had a great first experience with a contract to rid a site of graverobbers. Turned out they were undead (anyone actually come up against living graverobbers for this contract?). I had no information on how many there were going into it. I had to retreat. I went back to a town, bulked up my equipment a little, and went back to try again. The second time I succeeded.
3. I was caught in a bandit ambush of a trading caravan. Six of my men fled while one stayed behind to slow down the bandits. Fortunately the bandits took out the caravan before they came for me, so I could escape. It was exciting though.
4. A few small bugs here and there with the text. In one description someone said he would pay me my %amount% or something similar. Just a syntax error probably.

Suggestions for things I’d like to do:
1. Join a side and participate in an all out war between houses. Perhaps have my 12 men participate in a battle with 30 men on one side and 40 on the other. Will my men tip the scale in favor of my side?
2. Have a group of contracts dedicated to helping a new noble house arise, which will then by my friend.
3. Perhaps (and I’m dreaming here) raise an army of more than 12 men and take on a noble house myself.
4. More varied contracts. I know these are coming, but the possibilities are endless. And if contract-writing tools are given to the community, there’s no end to the innovative contracts that could be created. I’m thinking of one where a woman hires you to kill her husband, who she says is cheating on her. Her husband is an important captain for a noble house. You confront the captain and his men, and he claims his wife is lying to protect her lover. So you have the choice of killing the captain, or going to confront the wife and her lover (who also happens to have a band of thugs). If you kill the captain, you’ll attract the bad attention of the noble house. If you confront the wife and her lover, you’ll fight them to the death. If you kill everyone but the lover in battle (so that he’s the last man), he’ll beg you to spare his life in exchange for either information or treasure.

The possibilities for interesting contracts are limitless. I can already picture modders coming up with “contract packets”.

Here I’m interested in a word from the developer maybe. What’s the envisioned end-game here? I heard it once described as fighting off a global invasion of some sort. Is that still the envisioned end-game?

Loving the update so far!