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1. Join a side and participate in an all out war between houses. Perhaps have my 12 men participate in a battle with 30 men on one side and 40 on the other. Will my men tip the scale in favor of my side?

Contracts like this are already written and sitting in our back pocket. It just takes time to properly implement them. We also have contracts where you fight side by side with noble houses against orcs or where you encounter other mercenary companies or where you raid a peaceful village….etc etc.

3. Perhaps (and I’m dreaming here) raise an army of more than 12 men and take on a noble house myself.

You wont be able to get into politics or found your own noble house. Youre just a mercenary after all. But we are strongly considering a bigger roster of 24 mercs. We will write about it in future blog posts.

Here I’m interested in a word from the developer maybe. What’s the envisioned end-game here? I heard it once described as fighting off a global invasion of some sort. Is that still the envisioned end-game?

The game in itself will stay rather sandboxy but contracts and random events will be scaling up to deliver epic fights in the late game. We want to have a solid base first on which to expand, so we are focussing on the basics and then see what we can achieve on top of that.
p.s. we really want to have modding and will inform you guys about our concrete plans on this when the time comes.


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