Reply To: World Map Update( 29/02/2016).Discussion

Avatar photoMeeky

Okay, I just have to bring up a couple things I’ve observed during gameplay.

1. Bounty Hunters.

Holy CRAP, this is annoying. So, I got a job to go clear out a bandit den. No biggie. There’s a bandit leader, and his head is worth money apparently. Cool. But as I’m running along back home, I get attacked by bounty hunters.

Okay, so the bounty hunters aren’t that big of a deal. There’s 8 of them. They’re better equipped, but I murder ’em with relative ease. No problem.

…But I barely take a few more steps on the world map when another group of bounty hunters attacks. This time, it’s an army. You know, 17 guys.

Okay, so at this point I just load the autosave. That’s ridiculous. I want to turn this guy’s head in to see what happens.

What? I get attacked by bounty hunters again! But this time it’s just 8 or so more guys, so I kill them. …And then the next group… and the next group…

Seriously, dial down this bounty hunter problem.

2. Reputation Degradation

Reputation degrades WAY too quickly. Consider this: if I want to work on my reputation with a village, I have to pray that the village gives me multiple jobs in a row, because it will cease being “open” to me and start being “neutral” with 1-2 day’s time passing. I just can’t keep any villages to stay friendly with me. The same goes for the noble houses: they’re cool and all, but when you get stuck doing patrols, you just can’t progress with their reputation too well.

Case in point: It’s Day 70, my reputation is Glorious (2885), and the only reputations I have are Neutral, Neutral, and Open. That’s a problem.