Reply To: New update: Relations degrading too fast

Avatar photoBiorn

Good day to you all.

I also feel that relations fade way too fast. To get one of them up you really have to farm rep with that particular faction for a long time. And if there are no available contracts that can be a real setback.
This removes the liberty of going off to explore other parts of the map or completing contracts somewhere else.

Solutions could be to slow down the rate of reputation decay. Or remove the decay and increase the amount of reputation needed for higher status by lots and make the only way to decrease it failing contracts or taking hostile actions against the faction under the employ of another faction.
Or perhaps a combination. More rep needed and decay of 1 rep per week perhaps?

Been playing this game for a few months now and it is soo good despite it’s early state. You guys deserve a lot of praise but I’ll post that somewhere else :P