Reply To: World Map Update( 29/02/2016).Discussion

Avatar photohar101

However one really big issue I have with the current build is how miserly the skill rewards tend to be during the level up. On its own it might not have been such a big deal, but certain other changes tend to aggreviate the problem.
First there is the price of armor and weapons. It often takes several succesful contracts to buy one piece of good armor.

I don’t know about the skill rewards… But I’d say the prices of armor and such are not too expensive. My guys are level 6-7, and I am sitting on 25k gold. Not buying the better armor and stuff because I normally don’t want to run around with less than 70 fatigue… The rate at which you make money is fine, it may even be that it is too fast. You shouldn’t be able to gear all your guys to the fullest in a matter of days. That would make the game fun for 5 hours and then no more.