Reply To: Assisting npc battles could use some work

Avatar photoHerezy

On which difficulty do you guys play ?

With this new update, in my new campaign i have almost never participated in NPCs fight. (Only 2 times, and it was already a decisive victory without me.)
Sadly, for me, atm my campaign is pretty easy. I’m day 140 and i never saw orks raiding a single town.
Raiders are never more than 10 (mostly 8), and they never raid villages/towns. Nobles have HUGE forces. (stack of 14men well equiped)

Before the update, the difficulity “Even” was already quite hard.
But now, i’m wondering; is the difficulty lower the size of enemy bands ? And because my enemy bands are lower in number, they don’t risk to waste around villages ?

Or maybe i have bad luck, and my randomized world is shit ? :D