Reply To: A little frustrated

Avatar photonomad

Just registered so I could add my voice to the frustration with the randomness of skill increases. Melee skill is so much more important than the others, it is a problem. It is especially problematic since there appears to be a bias against leveling melee. I regularly see opportunities to add 4 to other skills but have never had a single chance to improve melee by 4.

That is because melee skill can’t raise by 4.
The range for melee increase is 1-3. Same for melee def (and range def also I think? I never level it so I’m not sure).
The range for all other skills is 2-4.
I assume it’s made this way to make other skills more attractive to level, since melee atk and melee def due to nature of the game are more valuable than others by default.
Ranged def could probably be bumped to 2-4 as well if it isn’t already, since it is not very attractive to level as is.