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Avatar photomrbunnyban

The range for melee increase is 1-3. Same for melee def

Thats right, all stats have their own increase ranges.
We are working on a permanent solution for the whole issue and are pretty confident it will be dealt with in one of the next smaller updates.

Won’t make it an option for players to choose huh? Okay then, here’s a way to do to make it more tolerable: skew the probability towards median values. This makes the probability of what scores you get feel more natural to players since its a little closer to the classic bell curve rather than a straight line.

So for the melee attack skill, which has a range of 1-3, make the probability of getting a 2 as high as 50%, with only a 25% chance of getting either a 1 or a 3. For the other stats with a range of 1-4, make the probability of getting a 2 or 3 maybe 35% each, and the probability of getting a 1 or 4 as low as 15%.

IMO, randomised permament stat gains per level work better when there are more levels (say 100 levels. So Over 100 levels the stat gains will even out) or when there is less variance in between the gains (so instead of +1 to +4 which is as much as 300% difference, a better stat gain range of possible values would be +10 to +14 which is only a 40% difference).