Reply To: Feedback v. 6.0.13

Avatar photodltoster

Do not think that the game needs an ease. Playing on deadly non-reload and I started to do missions (Hoggart) at my best by a day 50. Slow and steady. And sometimes they give me delivery contract 1500K = 2 days journey – that is too generous. When they try to give you 300 crowns – just refuse. I think you guys can learn to run. And do not run amok in all the missions greedy village elders can give to you. They must not to think about surviveability of your party, this is your job. When your party not equiped and fullisted with men and dogs – just take delivery and look for good opportunites on strategy map. Give up contracts, run away on strategic map, withdraw from battles, hit and run forts (you can try to lure out of ranks marksmen and kill them, then withdraw and repair).
Mercenary ambushers do not want battle as i remember – you can just give up the cargo to the adult mercenaries. Today. Avenge later. When my party was slaughtered second time in bandits fort by 2 bandit leaders (again there were 3 of us remained from 12 and their remaining leader choose to limp away rather than kill my 3 fatigued and gravely wounded criples (i think he could, but clever man did not take that risk, so be clever too)). So, I killed another one famous leader who happened there by accident and his head could worth some additional money, which i needed to rebuild the company in that moment. But bounty hunters met me before settlement and they were convincing. So I gave away my trophy but not jump in suicidal fight with them. And move on, and rebuild full squad. And there is still a place to grow up for my company. I think there is no need to ease things, it can ruin my game expirience which i am happy as it is now. I remember before updates times when the game became boring too fast (too easy).