Reply To: Feedback v. 6.0.13

Avatar photodltoster

You say you encounter killing group – but you not. You jus see them from a hill, this is your choice to go down from a hill and fight them. With some expirience you will be able to say which fight can be won with reasonable risk and which is can not. Speed balancing on strategy map allows to avoid almost all enemy parties. You can be caught by an accident in a rough terrain border or by multiply groups, or just do bad maneuring only. And even then you could withdraw with ease on tactical map, if you are not ambushed. I once managed to ran away with both my remaining characters when was surrounded by 8-10 enemies. As for now it needs houserule – to wait the first intact with enemy unit on tactical map if was caught before start running.
If you want to kill everything on a map in a first week, play on easier level, do not ask to break the game cause it is too hard for you, because now it is not. It gives depth to further gaming experience.