Reply To: Feedback v. 6.0.13

Avatar photoEisbrecher

I’m playing on challenging level and I am not trying to kill everything on the map. Just trying to survive. There’s only so many missions you can turn down before you run out of money and/or food.

Also, with the swamps swamping the map, it’s not always possible to run away from the tac map. Just before saving to come and post this message, I had to run away from 3 bandit companies (6/7/9) early on week 2. I wasn’t looking for trouble, just walking between neutral settlements.

I was sent on a mission for 400 gp (after haggling) against 9 raiders. End of week 1.

Also, a small glitch introduced post v. 6.0.12 (I think): when asked to deliver a package, instead of the character’s name, the text reads “false” (in the main body of the text).